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Some of our available services include buyer's agent, listing agent, property management, and commercial services.  We also find lots for new construction and our sister company, HCB Construction, LLC can even help you build your dream home or office!


Some of the first questions for buyers we need to answer are:


1. Which area would you like?

2. Neighborhood or country setting?

3. HOA or no HOA?

4. Preference on school district?

5. Bedrooms?

6. Location of master bedroom?


For sellers we will need to know:


1. Whose name is the house currently in?

2. Current lien information?

3. Property disclosure report completed?




Whether you are expanding your current business or starting up your business we can help!

Some information we check into for you:


1. Is the property zoned for your business?

2. Is the space big enough?

3. Is it more beneficial to purchase or lease?

4. Will you be expanding during the next 12 to 24 months?

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