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Why us?

Just a few of the reasons you should choose Carol Bradley, Broker In Charge, with Bradley Real Estate & Development for all your Real Estate needs:

  • Carol will ALWAYS have your best interests at heart

  • Carol will never pressure you

  • Carol will explain the entire process to you

  • Carol is fluent in Spanish

  • Carol has been an active member of the community since she came to Union County in 1992

  • Carol is licensed in both North Carolina and South Carolina 

  • Carol loves traveling to the Coastal areas to sell vacation homes

  • Carol has an extensive knowledge in both residential and commercial construction

  • Carol can help navigate you through the land acquisition and development of raw land

  • Carol offers Property Management services in both commercial and residential

One of the many benefits of hiring Bradley Real Estate and Development is that we also have a sister company, HCB Construction, LLC, which is a NC Licensed Builder.  If we can not find you the perfect existing property we will BUILD it for you!

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